1:10 Scale R/C of The Dornier DO X Flying Boat is a Masterpiece!

Ever heard of something called "Dornier DO X"? Built by the Dornier Company of Germany in 1929, the Dornier Do X was the biggest, heaviest and strongest flying boat on the planet when it was first produced with a wingspan of 157 feet and a maximum takeoff weight of more than 61 tons.

Financed by the German Transport Ministry, It was designed by Dr. Claude Dornier, a German airplane builder and the founded of Dornier Company, built in Switzerland and performed its first flight on 12 July 1929. Only 3 were built due to lack of commercial interest and several accidents. What we're going to see in today's video is the R/C model of this legendary flying boat. This 1/10 scaled R/C is gigantic, emphasizing the huge size of the original and has a wingspan of 4,8m. The take-off weight is 60kg. It's powered by 12 OS motors. Watching the video, you can see this tremendous R/C aircraft fly smoothly in the sky.

Check it out and you'll enjoy it!