2X Turbine Powered 1/16 Scale R/C Model of Airbus A340 Flight Demonstration

R/C lovers? Here's an amazing video that you all will enjoy! As aircraft enthusiasts know already too well, the Airbus A340 is technically a long-range, four-engine, wide-body commercial passenger jet airliner designed and built by internationally renowned European aerospace corporation.

It was first produced in 1991 and is still in service. In the video we proudly present you right on this page today, we're checking out the small scaled R/C model of Airbus A340 and its super exciting flight demonstration. This very cool 1/16 scale R/C aircraft has a wingspan of 3,90 m while its length is 3,85m. The video shows us this perfectly built R/C while it was in action at Airlinertreffen in Oppingen, Germany and was under the operation of Uwe Zorn, a very skillful pilot, apparently. This 2xTurbine powered R/C flies quite functionally and sounds like the real Airbus A340.

Check out the video to see how spectacular this 1/16 scale R/C is and leave your comment below!