Having a Barrel of Fun with Badass RC Trucks at RC Glashaus Quickborn

There is a hobby out there for everyone, that's for sure! Obviously, the one for these cool guys is RC trucks. Radio-controlled vehicles, colloquially known as R/C vehicles, are gas-powered, small scaled model cars or trucks that are remotely controlled using a specialized transmitter device. Powered by various sources including electric motors, model or internal combustion engines, RC vehicles offer an amazing opportunity for their lovers to spend some quality time.

Having some fun with these ultra-cool "toys" is not as cheap as you may think. Prices range from $200 to $700 and even more. Here in this spectacular video, lots of RC cars and trucks from different brands and models are like they formed their own city in RC Glashaus in Quickborn, Germany. No doubt that many RC-lovers would like to be there and operate some of these badass RC trucks so badly. Even though you don't have any chance to play with these excellent toys, you can still have a barrel of fun by watching this video.

Check it out and enjoy!!!