Blown Alky T Bucket - First Startup

The unique and rear version of a custom masterpiece Ford hot rod model we have meet in this video.
Professional animation, walk around, outside and garage checking, huge engine sound, great performance, explanations by owner all of them we can be face to face in this trip.

As we can see it was intended to refer to a specific custom build be a specialized or modified version of one of Ford model 1950s. It referring to a specific Ford model from that era. This kind of car featured a more streamlined design, had a more modern look with integrated fenders and a more substantial, solid appearance. The exterior equipped with special constructed two back big wheels, smaller front wheels, stylish headlines, catching eyes with light green coloring. The interior has open roof design, minimalistic dashboard, comfortable huge two seats. Improved suspension systems were introduced to provide a smoother ride.

If you are interested in classic, vintage car, hot rod model this video might brings you a lot of pleasant moments. This unique Ford hot rod vehicle combines classic elements with custom special owner features. Watch, enjoy and share with your friends!