Dembell's Motorhome Model With Large Garage

This innovative vehicle - future bus Touring Dembell's motorhome elegant model with large garage and comfortable luxurious interior catching our attention in this video. Have a gorgeous trip to future functional technological vehicle with walk around, exterior and interior view, action in motion, ride and drive, able to see its magnifical performance.

As we can see this is a high technological motorhome - big bus with wide interior and functional design. One of the feature is the Active Rear Steer Tag Axle. The active steerable tag axles are on very few motorhomes. The vehicle guaranteed safety during the motion on the road. The back side equipped with wide garage which able to take on several cars. And has the function - bedroom floor lift system (bedroom getting down or up floor). It has a luxurious functional interior with smart solutions, lighting system, panoramic windows, high level comfortable furniture. Equipped with air conditional system, useful applications.

Have a joyful cruise with as unique future functional bus, smart technological system. If you are interested in future innovative vehicle, functional bus this video might be useful for you. Watch, have a lot of nice moments, enjoy this video!