A Single Seater Drone: The Hexa Lift

Take a look of innovative creation - the Hexa Lift single seater drone with great opportunity to ride and drive. This mobile Lift aircraft has ability to fly with single seater as a personal air vehicle, has light weight speciality, easily for use dashboard, buttons, changing rotation and direction.

Single-seater drones are typically unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) designed to carry only one person. These kind of vehicles can be used for various purposes, including recreational flying, transportation, aerial photography, and surveillance. Hexacopters are a type of multirotor UAV that features six rotors for propulsion. And offer increased stability, payload capacity, and redundancy, more stable flight characteristics. This drone equipped with ballistic parachute system usable for safety even 12 m above the ground. It has 18 propellers with 200 gram for each piece which shows its light weight for more quick transportation. Its easy to ride and drive, inside equipped with navigation system, has speciality to monitoring. Its practical to drive in wide space, open area.

Spectacular possibility to be a witness of this craftsmanship of nowadays, human drone with driving ability. If you are fond of as this creational innovative vehicle, new functional transporting aircraft this video might be interesting for you. Enjoy, have a lot of pleasant moments and share with your friends!