The World's Biggest Car: H1 X3

Giant vehicle, the greatest construction nowadays - the Hummer H1 X3 with size as a duplex house, and a comfortable home inside with stairs, real off-road car. Huge creation with own building story, look outside, walk around, all explanations of work process, ride and drive we can be face to face in this video.

The Hummer H1 X3 as a custom modification characterized a vehicle 3 times bigger than Hummer H1. The X3 refers it's 3 times bigger size, 3 times longer and wider than the original Hummer H1. The Hummer H1 is a rugged, military-derived SUV that was produced by AM General. Probably to know that this giant every massive wheel price is 25 000 dollars. This high Hummer-apartment equipped with furniture, massive windows, stairs, all needs for comfortable spending time inside during the travel. This kind of car gained popularity for its robust off-road capabilities and imposing presence. We can see this construction process, performance on the road, speed value.

Have catching breath cruise with this massive, huge, powered Hummer H1 X3, opportunity to spend time in comfortable apartment inside, equipped according to all customer needs. If you are fond of off-road car, huge vehicle this video might be joyful for you. Watch, enjoy and have a lot of nice moments!