Custom 6x6 Humvee Powered By a Supercharged Hellcat Engine

Have a joyful trip with opportunity to be a witness of this masterpiece custom six wheeler vehicle
6X6 Hummer build with all details, in transformation process. Walk around, great engine sound, all explanations, motion in action, professional animation, outside checking all of them we can be face to face in this video.

The 6x6 Hummer is a modified version of the iconic Hummer H1, featuring an additional axle and two extra wheels, resulting in a total of six wheels. It was designed with special suitable unique frame according to size of vehicle. Its equipped with powerful Supercharged Hellcat Engine. That Hellcat engine is probably lugging less weight than the Challenger it came in. The exterior upside of car has unique own few logos which shows it more special and stylish. Gorgeous performance, high speed value in action on the road of this huge vehicle brings us to a enjoyable cruise.

Take a lot of pleasant moments with this unique aircraft in incredible design, great performance, look in action. If you are interested in custom car, car-transformation and in result ride and drive, impressions this video might be enjoyable for you. Watch, have a look, share with your friends!