Runaway 6-71 Two Stroke Detroit Diesel - Double Greasy Detroit Revival

In this video we can be face to face with working process of 6-71 and 8V71 two-stroke diesel engines, their features and specialities. Great powerful sound, practical design, wide usage area in various applications worldwide.

As we know both of these iconic models widely used in heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks, buses, construction equipment, marine propulsion and industrial machinery. The 6-71 was first built in 1938 and used in war production, the Gray Marine 6-71's were used in almost all the landing craft all over the world. The "6" in 6-71 signifies the number of cylinders, "71" the engine series. For the 8V71 also the same, "8" the number of cylinders, "71" the engine series. Nowadays these engines are still workable and show high performance in its running. Also characterized with specialities as reliability, simplicity, and robustness.

A spectacular opportunity to be a witness of like these rear and unique two-stroke diesel engines in
outside look and clean animation at work. And if you are fond of diesel engines, their performance, specialities this video might be interesting for you. Enjoy and have a lot of pleasant moments!