$500,000 Monster Pickup Truck With 6 doors

2017 International 7500 Crew 6 doors conversion Pickup Truck we can be face to face in this video. Take a look, walk around, great stuff, ride and drive, action in motion of this huge vehicle. This is a story how like this tiny girl can drive and run as a gigantic, large truck.

As we see this is an introduction of special unusual model Pickup Truck with 6 doors in details, functional applications. Seems more of a cut down semi-truck than a beefed up pickup. Since International is more of a large work truck builder than a pickup builder. Heavy duty diesel powered is right up their alley. Near of driver chair it has a big storage, back side of interior equipped with functional long sleeping and resting area, horizontal baggage, it has huge high wheels. The vehicle probably has 1500 to 2000 lbs torque. The exterior coloring in sleek black catching eyes with its stylish view.

Have a joyful trip with Monster Pickup Truck and look at this great performance in action. If you are interested in trucks, heavy vehicles this video might be pleasant for you. Enjoy and share with your friends!