DIY 5.5 hp Go Kart

The process of creation, constructing and making big go kart four wheeler with 5.5 hp by its owner at home with all details and specialities we can see in this video. And in result this vehicle being able to run. Have a look, ride and drive, wondering moments in trip at the beach.

As we see this is a huge engineering and mechanical job which this guy made and spent a lot of his time. Also used origin metal and materials brings to this vehicle special style and creating design. The only thing that needs fixing is that needs to solder and shrink-wrap all electrical connections, twisting together bare wires is a recipe for connections failing. But this job also was made with stability and durability. All pieces were connected solid and steady. And also we can be face to face with great performance. Its really usable four wheeler vehicle.

If you are fond of constructing a new vehicle, engineering process this video might be interesting for you. Have a gorgeous journey with this great project. Watch this video, take a pleasant moments and share with your friends!