Rice Tractor Drag Racing in Thailand

We can mention in this video an interview, drag racing which was organized in Thailand. In this competition took part Redneck rice tractors as a custom vehicle. Have a look in their performance, speed value, nice creation.

Thailand really is the "right brain" of Southeast Asia for so many interesting reasons. No where else in 1000 miles will you find this kind of creativity at work. As we see it in their custom motorbike culture as well and trucks too. It was used the carbon fiber material for making racing car bodies. Also were explore frames to construct a car like a metallic thing. It seems as a small different vehicle with its own racing style. These types of modified machines is balling.

Have a pleasant travel to Thailand and be a witness of joyful ride and drive like these special different racing cars. Take a catching breath moments in this journey and have a look of cultural competition spirit. Enjoy and share with your friends!