Starting Massive V8 Diesel Truck Engine on a Tiny Boat

This is a story of creation and exploration of a small functional boat. We can be face to face in joyful cruise in the sea with painted animation, riding and driving, a look in motion in details and with boat specialities.

It seems as a custom created job to which was spent a time and huge work. This boat is equipped with Diesel truck engine and we can mention great sound. As a speciality was used V8 Diesel engine. The engine was literally a jewel. Everything was neat, tidy and freshly painted. We can hear huge and powerful motor sound in boat. It was used the steel cable from the fuel control unit for improving more safety riding. The boat looks simple, elegant and comfortable for short traveling.

Well done job, its an opportunity to travel on your ferry and would feel safe and in professional hands. If you are fond of boat that cruise in this video might be useful for you. Watch and enjoy pleasant moments!