Bending Aluminum Panels into a Street Legal Beast!

What makes a car worthy? This is a question that can answered in many ways.

For some, the answer is the engine while for many others it is nothing but the style. Some even say, it is the brand that makes a car worth of spending money and time. It is also such true that most car enthusiasts get impressed about horsepower and other power metrics, but today we present you something that goes very beyond being just powerful! A complete hand-made car! Chris Rünge, the brilliant owner of Rünge Cars, challenges the world's biggest automakers from his small workshop. Chris uses the "English Coachwork" technique to bend the aluminum panels into classic curves we are used to see in old Porsches. He not only does it for his own use, but also for customer specifications. It is amazing to see how he bends wood and aluminum sheets and turn them into a street legal car that he actually drives. Who doesn't want to have such a skill?

If you are looking for a bit of inspiration that will kick your ass and make you build some things on your own, we recommend you to see this video. It will help for sure!