Off-Road Monster Limousine is the Visualization of United States!

Everyday we ask questions. Tens of them, may be even hundreds, but here is the real question!

If United States would be car, what would it be? Think about all the types, models, and create a custom machine on your mind! Keeping all those different people and their various preferences in mind, no doubt that this car would be a real fusion, a pot of diversity! With today's video, we present you the answer of the question: an off-road monster limousine. It is weird to think these two words, off-road and limousine, together, but here is a world of possibilities. Watching today's video, we are going to see an off-road monster limo which is unofficially the tallest Lincoln Town Car in the North America. Jordon Foster of Kino, Oregon is the genius mind who built such unique machine. Being also the owner, he must be proud of his work! After a 3-month of hard working, he managed to bring this striking creature into being and started using it in his daily life. Can you imagine the reaction people who see the monster limousine for the first time? It must be priceless for Jordon Foster to see the impression on their faces.

Watch the video to see Foster's off-road monster limo with your own eyes, be ready to be surprised and have lots of fun!