FrankenBriggs 6-Cylinder Engine

An automobile consists of countless of parts and materials all of which have different and critical functions, but there are a few parts that make an automobile "good".

This part differs from one another. Some say it is the body, some say it is the paintjob, some say it is the brand itself, what we say is the engine! The engine makes a car good and preferable! Think about a super fancy car with hundreds of thousands of dollars of interior equipment, but with a pathetic engine! That doesn't make sense at all! In today's video, for example, we're checking out a breathtaking engine. The video shows us the first run of this exquisitely designed and ingeniously built 6-cylinder FrankenBriggs engine. As you also will witness watching the video, this advanced engine runs like a metal beast that wants to possess the planet. With some further magical touches, it may look even cooler than it is now.

If you want to make your day better and you are interested in engines then we strictly recommend you to hit the play button, see the video and have some good fun! You need it!