6-71 Detroit Diesel Engine Start up

If we talk about the international automotive industry, we can surely say that there are only a few engines that managed to become a worldwide legend and Detroit Diesel Series 71 is definitely one of these rare legends!

As most of you know already too well, the Detroit Diesel Series 71 is a two stroke diesel engine series that comes in both inline and V configurations. Inline configuration includes one, two, three, four and six cylinders while the V models have six, eight, twelve, sixteen and twenty-four cylinders. The series 71 stayed in production between 1938 and 1995. Today's video, for which we search on the vast world of internet, you're going to see a fantastic example for this epic engine series. In the video an effectively running 6-71 Detroit Diesel engine. We guarantee that you will instantly be amazed at the very first look you take on this tremendous Detroit Diesel engine. The overall design and structure of Series 71 hasn't changed too much since 1938, the year it was first introduced to the market. It was a legendary engine back in those days and it is still a legendary engine in modern automotive industry.

The 1951 Detroit Diesel 6-71 filmed while in action in the video is taken out from a GMC Coach PD 4103-644. Watch the video, see the engine run and enjoy it!