1200HP Blown Injected Biesemayer Jet Boat

Let's close our eyes and dream for a couple seconds. If you were given a chance to choose a vehicle that will be gifted to you whatever the price, what would you choose?

Would you choose a luxury automobile? A truck to carry load? A van to travel? A muscle car to show off? A motorcycle for adventure? A classic for nostalgia or a boat to enjoy the seas and oceans? For those who would go for a boat, we present you the mind-blowingly enjoyable video on this page! Today's video, which is apparently attractive enough to get almost three million views, shows us a beast-like boat with a roaring engine. As you will see very clearly in the video, the giant engine stands on the rear end of the boat and runs like a screaming monster. This is a blown injected Biesemayer jet boat engine that delivers 1200 horsepower. What a power! This is one of the best and baddest boat engines we have ever seen so far.

Checking out the video, you can enjoy both the look and the sound of this insane boat and its spectacular engine. Watch it, see how an engine should sound and let us know your opinion about it!