1974 Rover V8 engine on a Ride-On Mower!

Have you ever challenged by someone and wanted to show them what you can do? If you ever experienced such a challenge and did your very best to prove yourself then you can relate the video we present you proudly on this page today!

Everything started with a simple dare over a couple beers then surprisingly ended up with a mind-blowing machine. Colin Evans by Normanby Engineering and his fellows from Wallscourt, New Zealand are very famous for making some eccentric machines, but their creation that you'll see in today's video is just beyond anything they've done so far. We hear you asking what they did! Well, let us say! They transformed a ride-on lawn mower into a badass gas-gazzler that makes up to 120 horsepower. Colin Evans accepted the challenge of his neighbors and came up with a ride-on idea. The result is totally satisfying both for himself and his neighbors. Watching today's video, you can take a detailed look at this excellently built machine with a special place to put the beer and see how this brilliant man, Colin Evans, ride it on his back yard. This is a machine that we all need to have some quality time and relieve daily stress.

Check it out, look at the details and find some inspiration!