63 Volkswagen Bus powered by 460 Big Block Engine

Turn your eyes and look around! Can you describe every single thing you see as "something definite"?

Is it possible or the nature of thing are against being strictly defined? The answer is clear: not everything can be described with strict definitions. There are exceptions. There are contrarieties. There are differences and these differences are all that make this thing beautiful. The beauty lies in variety. In today's video, what we're checking out is a Volkswagen bus, but not an ordinary one as you can understand. This strange looking Volkswagen bus brings one question to the minds. Is it beautiful or ugly! The Volkswagen is so different that it becomes very hard to say whether it's cool or just weird. Here comes relativity again! For some, this can be the best bus they have ever see on their lives while for some other, it is nothing but a pile of randomly attached parts. Whatever this Volkswagen bus is, there is one thing for sure: It is the product of a remarkable ingenuity and a brilliant imagination power.

Lacking these, who can make such a priceless machine! Watch the video to take a look at this strange but fascinating Volkswagen, and learn more about it!