V6 Engine Made up of LEGO Parts

Let's turn to your childhood. Close your eyes and try to remember back in those days.

What were you doing? What were you wearing? With what you were playing? Which toys were your favorite? Cars? Trains? Board games? Video games? Weapons? Lego? Lego, currently being marketed to each corner of the globe, is a special toy that provides lots of things in common. It allows you to spend some fun time while also offering you a good opportunity to expand your imagination and designing skills. It surprisingly improves your critical thinking abilities and boosts your mood. It is scientifically proven that playing with Lego parts increases one's patience and organizational skills as well as fine motor and problem-solving skills and provides better concentration. There are so many skills and benefits we can get by playing with Lego parts apparently! In today's very interesting video, you're going to see one another thing that can be done using nothing but Lego parts and basic materials. This is a real configuration of V6 Pneumatic engine that actually runs and sounds. The V6 is filmed while running at its maximum speed, which is approximately 800rpm@4 bar. It's hard to believe that LEGO parts could be used in that way also.

Take a look at today's excellent video to see the performance of this LEGO V6 Pneumatic engine and enjoy!