A Cool Combination of RV & Boat

What do you think about the power of money? Can it bring the happiness?

Money has never made a man happy, nor will it, there is nothing in its nature to produce happiness, says Benjamin Franklin the Founder Father of our nation, but is it really true that money can't make one happy? Guess not! Thinking about all the things you can buy with money it is hard to believe that money is not related to happiness. Accordingly, in today's video, we're checking out something bought with lots, we mean lots of money. It is a quite interesting machine that looks like a weird, but definitely cool combination of a van, a boat and a truck. It is hard to figure out whether it is a van or a boat actually, but who care what it is exactly! It looks amazing. It is designed specially for those who enjoy being in a van while they float on a river or sea, enjoying the fresh air and the shining sun. Who can say no to such an awesome machine that will make you feel like you're home and on vacation at the same time!

Watch the video, see how this excellent machine looks and see the proof that money can buy things that will eventually make you happy!