Custom Street Quad LS2 V-8 "Shredder"

Have you ever dreamed about a different life? Living in a different place, doing a different job, having a different name, a different family, a different education?

We all dream about a different life. Some of us do it every day while some of us do it for once in their lives. Now close your eyes and imagine that you pack your back and hit the road to where it leads you. Think that you travel all across the country and see the coolest street machines ever built. This is what Scottie, the owner and host of a very cool YouTube channel, does! He travels from one state to another and films the best streets machines he comes by. What a nice job it is! Today, we present you a cool video from this cool channel! Watching it, you're going to see the "Shredder", a custom built street quad equipped with a LS2 V8 engine. The quad with its excellently done paintjob appeals directly to the eyes while the enthusiastic engine sound comes like music to the ears. You should definitely see this video to have fun.

Check it out and enjoy!