Darracq "200" fires up for first time in 97 years

How much time is long time for you?3 years 10 years?20 years? 50 years? A century?

We don't know how you would answer this question. It differs greatly from one to another, but there is one thing certain: time has a deformative effect. It is an effect that affects not only the humans but also the machines and everything. In some cases, however, we see the opposite. Some things surprisingly get better as time goes by. In today's video, we're checking out a proof for that! The video shows us the restart of an engine after a long, a very long, time. This Darracq V8 world land speed engine has been rebuilt and restarted after 97 years! Almost a century! The last time it worked was in June 1909. During the restart, not everything goes as planned, but after trying a few more times, the engine starts all successfully and sounds totally amazing!

Hit the play button, watch the video, see the 200hp engine start after nearly a century, hear the way it sounds and have fun! We guarantee that you will!