Lawn Mower Powered by Chevrolet 350 Small Block Engine

Creativity is intelligence having fun, says Albert Einstein, one of the most intelligent human beings ever lived on this planet!

No one can deny the accuracy of this statement and today we're presenting you a video that will prove it strongly. As know by many and by you of course, the 350 Small Block is the world's one of the most iconic engines. Designed, built and marketed by the American legend, General Motors Company, the 350 Small Block gives power to thousands of vehicles all around the world. The 350 Small Block is kind of an engine that is commonly used in many different vehicles, but mostly in automobiles. In today's video, however, you'll see a 350 Small Block engine not with an automobile, but with a lawnmower! A lawnmower attached with an amazingly running 350 Small Block engine is definitely a product of creativity and this is the creativity that we are all looking for! We don't know if this transformed lawnmower can still cut grass, but who cares! Let it continue its life as a one-of-a-king machine!

Watching the video, you can see this extraordinarily cool lawnmower in full detail and hear it run like little monster. Don't wait even for a second to hit the play button and start checking the video!