Big Detroit Diesel 12v71 Engine

When you have a passion for automobiles you automatically have a passion for engines too as there can't be an automobile without an engine!

This is the rule! And when you have a passion for engines then you want to see them every time. That's quite normal. Keeping these simple rules on our mind, we keep sharing videos about the world's coolest engines. Builds that can please you visually and aurally. Today's video, for example, is about a magnificent engine that lies on the ground like a king sitting on his throne and runs simply perfectly. It is technically A v-type Detroit Diesel engine by American automotive giant General Motors. Built by a legend, this unbelievable engine is also a legend itself. When you start watching the video, you will see how spectacular this 12v71 Diesel Detroit engine really is and how effectively it works even after years.

If you are willing to make your day better with the look and sound of such an amazing engine then do not hesitate to click on the play button, let the video start and have some fun. We all need it!