Golf Mk1 In a Towing Competition

When it comes to vehicles and United States, there are some certain things that are strongly associated with this country of opportunities.

Think about pickup trucks, hot rods, American classics, tractors and all related events. Tractor pulling is one of these iconic events that are deeply associated with United States. When the matter is motorsports, tractor pulling comes the first. Both in United States and in many other countries, there are hundreds of thousands of tractor-pulling lovers and on regular basis, these fans come all together to have some real fun. The history of tractor pulling goes deeply back in time and it is widely known as the world's one of the most powerful motorsports. We are not here to tell you about the entire history of tractor pulling, we are here to make you spend some cool time! The video we proudly and happily present you today shows us a Volkswagen Gold Mk1 that is crazily equipped with a badass v8 engine. Interestingly, this video is not from U.S. It is from Europe and it shows us how tractor pulling is loved outside of the States. The rear wheel drive Volkswagen Golf MK1 is gonna be the baddest thing you have ever seen.

Watch the video paying attention to the sick look and killer sound of this VW Golf Mk1 and enjoy!