Jason Linden's 2100HP Mud Truck

If you are a lover of cars, trucks or any of kind of vehicle then United States is the paradise on Earth for you.

On every day of the year and in every state of the country, you can find a good car show to enjoy and feed you passion for cars. Shows for hot rods, shows for street rods, shows for R/C models, events for speed cars, events for construction machines and events for mud trucks! Shows for everything you can imagine. In today's video, which we're presenting you with a great happiness and enthusiasm, you will see an event for monster trucks. Being big and rough, or monstrous in a nutshell, monster trucks have millions of fans all around the globe and such events are the gathering place of these fans. In today's video, we're taking a look at MEGA NITRO, a monster truck that has everything and more to be a monster truck. Caught on camera while at race at Mud Down in T-Town of Tulsa, Oklahoma, the MEGA NITRO is unbelievably powerful and professionally built to take a step further among its counterparts. Running on 2100hp engine, there aren't many races that MEGA NITRO can't win.

Check out today's video to see how excellent this monster truck really is, hear the details, enjoy the race and have fun!