Russian Style Starting a Car with a Dead Battery

Have you ever stopped in the middle of the road because of dead battery? If you are a long-distance driver, there are some scary nightmares for you! Dead battery is one of the goose-bumping nightmares!

Car batteries may weaken or even die during your travel as a result of various reasons and when it happens you may got trouble finding a way to refill it! It's driving, anything can happen on the road so it's better to be ready for every possible situation otherwise the things may go even worse. Do you know what to do when you need to start a dead battery? If you don't just don't worry. The video we present you to check out demonstrates us how to start a car with a dead battery easily and quickly. Shared by the cool YouTube channel "Meanwhile in Russia", this video shows how Russians, people with insanely brilliant mind, take the problem of dead battery and bring it to a solution. You know Russians make all the things in a different but effective way!

Watch the video paying attention to the technique, see how it's done and pay your respects to their smartness!