Adam Anderson's Stream Roller Chevy Pickup Truck

Some people don't accept the things that are given to them as the way they are. They don't want them regular.

Ordinary is not a word that exists in their dictionary. They want them to be different, to be unique, to be one-of-a-king, to be extraordinary and for that, they spend a considerable amount of time and money. They don't even care how much money they spend; they focus only on the result. In today's video, we're presenting you such a guy that never goes for ordinary things and his incredible pickup which is completely extraordinary. This hybrid vehicle is owned and built by Adam Anderson. He is the oldest and probably the coolest son of Dennis Anderson, the owner of the world's one of the most famous monster trucks, Grave Digger. Nicknamed as Steam Roller, this extraordinary vehicle is actually a Chevy pickup truck. What makes it extraordinary is that it is equipped with a pair of tremendously big balloon tires that drives smoothly on the road. There is no logical explanation fitting a Chevy pickup with such enormous tires, but man! It looks cool!

Check out the video, see how impressive the Steam Roller is and enjoy!