120mph Mega Crash Test with a Ford Focus

If you are a real and dedicated enthusiast of cars then watching car videos on YouTube is not enough for you. We bet you also watch auto related Tv shows and series too!

Fifth gear, for example! As a British television magazines series, the Fifth Gear presents us the world's fastest and most furious auto experts travelling all across the globe to test the latest cars and vehicles. Today, we present you an episode from this amazingly enjoyable and also educational show. On this episode of the Fifth Gear, we are going to witness the fastest car crus test that ever been done so far. This incredible episode also going to show us how a small car is way safer than a big one and why we have to think twice before going for seven seaters. It is an eye-opening chapter with the highest level of destructive research. For this research, they take a Ford Focus and make it crash with a concrete block with the speed of 120mph. This is a crazy test with some surprising results.

Check out the video paying attention to its every single second, see what happens in the destructive tests and let us know what you think about it! We care what you think!