Australian Chainsaw Powered By A V8 Engine!

Australia! A land full of adventures, wonders, surprises and achievements. On this land, there have been countless achievements and inventions.

Many accomplished companies flourished on this land and Whitlands Engineering is just one of them! Whitlands Engineering is Australia's one of the most prominent manufacturing companies specialized in firewood processors and wood splitters. Products of this well-known company are used for all commercial agricultural and even for domestic purposes. "Good design, built to rest, efficient and easy to use!" This is what Whitlands Engineering offers to its customers. In today's video, we're checking out a breathtaking show performed using one of Whitlands products: an insanely powerful chainsaw! This monstrous chainsaw is powered by a 4.1L V8 engine that feed it with 120bhp. Crazy power! In the video, you're going to see it while sliding a huge log like a piece of cake. The slice it takes is so thin that it's hard to believe how precisely this chainsaw cuts! It cuts a 55cm thick log in just 2.4 seconds. An outstanding performance! It's not possible to not to be impressed by such a badass machine!

Check it out, see that insane performance and enjoy!