V12 Deutz Diesel Direct Injection Engine

Think about a car fitted with an insanely powerful engine, but it's not designed to use it.

A car that has a particularly good mechanism to produce power, but it's not able drive even for one kilometer. We don't know what you exactly imagine when you think of such a car, what we're talking about a mind-blowing machine that will surprise all of you. First of all, what make this car surprising is the monstrous engine it is equipped with. It is a V12 model Deutz Direct Injection engine with a 17 liter fuel capacity and is able to produce up to 310hp. The engine is attached to a small scaled car and surprisingly they run very effectively together. Apart from its striking look, it also sounds loud and fantastic. The sound coming from this V12 engine is so loud that the guy in the video had to wear an ear protection. It would be even better if the engine would be fitted on a car that you can sit and drive on your own, but it's still cool to see the engine even on such a little car!

Check out the video to hear the spectacular sound of this badass engine and have some real fun!