A Three-wheel Drive Chevy with 3000hp Nitro Hemi

Some Cars Are Built for Passion and This is One of Them!

Since the invention of wheel, we humans have dreamed designed and built many different kinds of vehicles to take not only ourselves but also our loads and burdens from point A to point B. At the beginning, this was a not a simple job, considering the manual power of vehicles and the lack of an engine. But with developments and improvements, we managed to create many different vehicles, ranging from simple wheelbarrows to mind-blowingly complex ones that go to Mars for possible colonization. For most of this vehicles, the purpose for us to build was functionality. We made them to use, but for some vehicles, the only reason to build and use is pleasure! Some machines are for pleasure and in today's video we're checking out one of them! It's not built for transportation; it's built only for passion. This is a three-wheel drive Chevy with 3000hp Nitro Hemi. It throws fire out of its pipe like it's a fierce dragon. The gorgeous design, the tremendous engine and the super black paintjob are the highlights of this excellent machine. Such a nice work it is!

Check out today's video to see a machine for pleasure and enjoy!