Redneck Dodge Truck With Track Buggy

Maybe we have already said it for a hundred times, but a hundred times t's not enough, we will say it again.

In the United States, the group of people that are colloquially called as Rednecks are extremely creative people who know how to deal with things, how to make life easier and how to get fun out of life! The work hard and they play hard and their way of playing is definitely worth of seeing. Watching today's video, you will get a chance to see how they get fun out of life and you will be jealous of them! The video shows us a dodge truck lifted with tank wheels and a metal setting. Then the truck goes into mud and the fun begins. Mud trucking is always a good option to enjoy both the nature and the cool cars. The video is a bit short and it looks like it has been filmed with the first camera ever invented, but the truck is just crazy.

Check out the video to see this awesome Dodge truck and Redneck style fun! You'll like it!