The Sweet Story of a Son and His Mother: Surprising Mom With Her Dream Car

Every year tens of people and works get an Academy Award for their achievement and being good.

This year, the Academy Award for the best son goes to the amazing guy you're going to see in today's video. He's apparently a dutiful son who cares so much about his beloved mother. In today's video, which is a heart-warming one, we're checking out the sweet story of a son and his mother. This dedicated mother has always dreamed of owning a copper colored old Saab EMS. After making an extensive and deep search about this fantastic machine on many different grounds and platforms, the son finally managed to find the very exact model the mother wants and he surprised his mother with it! Can you imagine what kind of a happiness she felt when she saw her dream car against her waiting to be driven! Such an inspiring story it is and such happiness she had.

Check out this sweet video to see her reaction when she sees the Saab EMS before her. These are all natural reactions and they will make your day!