Loading a Fishing Boat in Alaska

As one of the wildest and most interesting states of United States, there is a big likehood that you have already hear so much things about Alaska.

Being the last frontier of the country, Alaska has a harsh climate and wild nature. Seventeen of the highest peaks in the United States are located in Alaska. -80℉ recorded in Alaska's Endicott's Mountains is accepted as the lowest temperature ever recorded in the history of United States. It also has more coastline than the other 49 states combined. It holds America's largest national forest, Tongass. In Barrow, Alaska, the longest night lasts for 67 days. In the summer they make up for it with 82 days of uninterrupted sunlight. These were some of the cool facts about Alaska. In today's video we choose for you those check out here, you're going to see one of these cool things! Clicking on the play button, this video will show you some badass Alaskans loading a fishing boat at Deep Creek in Ninilchik.

They don't need a dock to load boat, they have their own fantastic technique and it works amazingly! Watch today's video to see these brave fishers and their awesome technique!