How to Make Your Car Drive Backwards Without a Reverse Gear!

Driving is a challenge for sure! If you are living in a crowded city where there are more cars than humans, it can be pain in the ass.

Here comes a question for you! Have you ever accidentally get into an annoyingly narrow street and had option but to drive reverse to get out? If you have so far then you can easily relate how nerve-wracking this can be! While driving reverse on a narrow street, you always have the chance to crush into something and ruin both you and your day. The reverse gear, a mechanism that allows you to drive the vehicle in backward direction, however, can be a real life-saver sometimes and this is why they equipped all cars with a reverse gear. In today's video, we're checking out a car without a reverse gear. It may sound weird, it is actually. Being not able to drive the car backwards can be dangerous when you really need to drive backwards, but if you are a smart guy with a brilliant mind then there is no danger for your and for your car. Today's video demonstrates us one such a guy who built himself a simple but special mechanism to allow his reverse gear-lacking car drive in backward direction. As you will see clearly in the video, this is no complex or incomprehensible mechanism. This is simple and completely functional.

Check it out how he makes the car drive backwards and thumps up for this ingenuity!