Skillful Helicopter Pilot Taking Water From Swimming Pool

Being a pilot was probably the dream job for most of us. Our one of the biggest dreams was to fly an airplane and to feel the freedom in our veins.

Not all of us, maybe none of us, are lucky enough to pursue our childhood dreams and turn them into reality, but there are still some of us who succeed. In today's amazingly exciting video, we are checking out one of these guys: a helicopter pilot who is doing his job like a hero. As there were wildfires on the hills of Malaga, Spain, helicopters were trying to put them out as quickly as possible. Then a firefighter helicopter pilot ingeniously positioned his Bell 412 helicopter and lowered down the Bambi bucket into a man's swimming pool to fill it up. The skillful pilot carefully avoided two nearby palm trees which were only a few metres away from his vulnerable tail rotor. This is amazing to see how effectively he uses the helicopter and it's impossible to not to envy him. Flying a helicopter and saving lives! That makes him a double hero!

Watch today's inspiring video to see a real hero and let us know what you think about his flying skills!