Russian 30L Radial Anatov Aircraft Engine

When it comes to engineering, two nations take one step further: Germans and Russians.

There is no doubt from the quality of German engineering while Russians also make the world's some of the very best cars and machines. In today's insane video with almost twenty million views, we are checking out a visual proof for the advanced level of Russian engineering. When you click on the play button, you first will be amazed by the impressive appearance of a tremendous, air-cooled 1000hp radial engine. This stunning engine is taken out from a Soviet Anatov aircraft. Filmed at the traditional tractor meeting in Burkhardsdorf, this crazily big engine had some trouble in starting as the weather was very cool and damp in the morning, but after some tricks it ran like it has never ran before. As you'll also hear from the video, it sounds like a roaring monster, the Kraken. It's not hard to understand why the people around close their ears. The sound that comes from the engine is so powerful that it may even damage the ear drum.

If you hit the play button to check this 30L radial Anatov aircraft engine, we guarantee that both your eyes and ears will be pleased. Watch the video, have some fun and enjoy this excellently built engine as a whole!