BackFlip of Jet Powered Boat at H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Racing

Are you interested in boats? Yes? Do you know what is the world's fastest boat? Let us say!

The world's fastest boat is The Spirit of Australia with a maximum speed of 317 mph. In today's video, however, we're checking out just another boat which is also insanely fast: The Unlimited H1 Hydroplane. The video shows us the extreme backflip of a racing hydroplane boat. The video is offers a great proof that H1 Unlimited Hydroplane boat racing is extremely dangerous. One single mistake means that you will be launched into the sky with a severe violence. It is a boat and it flies. Such level of coolness! We don't know if you would like to spend some time in such a machine, but the risk and danger that this machine poses is serious.

Watch today's fantastic video to feel the chill inside, see how dangerous and exciting this boat really is and let us know if you would like to try to use this machine! Are you that crazy?