ZR48 Corvette Superboat "BATBOAT"

We don't know how much money you make in a month, but let's close your eyes and imagine that you are a millionaire and you want to buy a new toy for you.

As you already have a garage full of numerous classics, muscle and luxury cars, you're dreaming for something special that will catch all the eyes on. It is not even an automobile; it is a superboat which is literally "super" in every way possible. We're talking about the ZR48 Corvette Superboat powering by Mercury Racing Twin Turbo Marine Engine. These insanely powerful engines are capable of producing up to 2700 horsepower. The exterior of the boat gives an unprecedented look with ZR1-inspired hull sides, taillights, headlights, marker lights, custom ZR48 emblems, engine vents and custom gullwing type cockpit hatches. The interior is as cool as the exterior. It includes a custom dash with fully functional gauges, a custom ZR1 steering wheel and a custom shifter. Fitted with high quality leather and suede, there are six air-conditioned seats, and the entire cockpit area is accented by custom Lumiflex and LED lighting. It is also equipped with Apple TV with a Wi-Fi network, and a custom iPad dock integrated into the glove box. The amount of luxury in and out of this boat is exceptional.

Check out today's video to feed your eyes with such level of beauty and luxury. Don't forget to let us know what you think about that!