Redneck Style Go Cart

If you're living in the United States then you know well that who is called as Redneck.

Although the term Redneck is typically used to describe white Americans mostly from the southern parts of the country, we can confidently say that these people are gifted with brilliant minds, a remarkable creativity and absolute ingenuity. These are all clear from the things they do and build. On this website, for example, we have shared so many videos showing their crazy but definitely working inventions and solutions. They were literally brilliant! Today, we're sharing just another one and we're sure that you're gonna like it. In this video of a couple minutes only, you're going to see a go cart! This is as expected not an ordinary, but a redneck style go cart. Designed and built by pure Redneck ingenuity, this go kart is the combination of an old car frame, some tire iron, some belts and pulleys, and the outcome is apparently beyond perfection. The engine works so effectively that it sounds like a roaring lion. It would be amazing to ride on this excellent go kart on an open field and enjoy the shining sun.

To take a close look at this fantastic machine hit the play button, see how it works and enjoy!