"Mental Breakdown": 700bhp VW Bus Dragster

Some people living among us are gifted with a special skill that we call creativity. With creativity, the design and built things that most of us can't even imagine.

The most surprising part is that these people usually create things without fancy and expensive materials. They can create wonders out of junk and trash. What it is if it isn't a skill? In today's video, we're checking such a wonder made by a gifted man who is the master of car customizing, Wayne Allman. Nicknamed as "Mental Breakdown", this insane creation is the combination of the cab of a 1965 Volkswagen Split Screen and the top of a purpose built chassis. It is powered by a monstrous 8.6 Liter Keith Black HEMI V8 engine which runs on methanol.
"I've tried to explain what it's like to drive and I can't - unless you've driven it you'll never really know, but it's violent, it does 0-150 mph in four seconds and 0-179 in seven seconds" says Allman about his spectacular machine. Today's video shows us How Mental Breakdown shakes the raceway with all of his charm and charisma. Let alone driving it, seeing it in action even through a screen is perfectly good. We can't imagine how cool it would be to see it in person!

Check out today's video till the last second and enjoy it!