The World's First Minivan is the Star of Ron Schneider's Collection

Are you a classic car lover? If you are then you probably know well about the My Classic Car which has been a weekly television program for 25 years and captures our love affair with automobiles.

This is a great program where Dennis Gage, the handlebar mustachioed host, takes you along for the ride! He is the guy who takes his moustache to a brand new level. On this episode of My Classic Car, Dennis takes us to Franklin Wisconsin to make a visit Ron Schneider whose collection is worth to travel for thousands of miles. There are numerous spectacular pieces of machinery in Ron's collection and each has its own story to be told and listened. All the cars in the collection are extremely appealing to the eyes, but there is one special. A particular machine that takes one step further among others! It is a 1936 Stout Scarab, which is the world's first minivan. Designed as a streamlined, fenderless, monoform six-passenger sedan, this ground-breaking vehicle is known to be the world's very first minivan.

Check out the video to take a closer look at this particular collection and enjoy!