1971 Ford Van That Pushes The Limits Of Possibilities!

Think about a typical car that has nothing special. A car that has nothing to be distinguished from others! It has a body, an engine, wheels, glasses, seats, battery, brakes, transmission, doors, and a steering wheel to control the movement of it.

These are the basic components of a car. Sure there are way more, but these are the very basic parts. Let's take the steering wheel as an example. Can you imagine a car without steering wheel? This is what controls the movement of wheels and so the position of the car. But, wait! What if there is a car without a steering wheel? Can it be possible? It can actually. In today's video, we're checking out such a car and this is gonna blow your mind. What you're going to see in today's video is a van with no steering Wheel at all. Stanley Glemboski, the lucky owner of this strange but totally perfect van, tells us all about his 1971 Ford named "Day Dreams" that he has owned since he was 14. Filmed at the 47th Van Nationals, Greenfield, Massachusetts by John (OOP) & Jo, the Day Dreams looks as cool as Scooby Doo's van.

Hit the play button without wasting a second here, watch the video and enjoy the Day Dream! You'll like it for sure!