Rolls Royce 103EX: Exceptional Automobile From the Future

Guys! Let's make our imagination work today! Now just lean back, relax your muscles and refresh your mind. Here's comes the question.

What will be the cars of the future look like? Try to imagine! What kind of features they will have. Will they fly like in the Jetsons? How fast they will be? Will they run on oil? How much they will cost. The list of questions can take thousands of pages. But, there's no need for that! In today's video, we're checking something that looks like a car from the future. It is a Rolls Royce from the year 2035, not from the distant future; there are only 15 years left. YouTube's Supercar Blondie, the girl with the cars as she describes herself, gets the rare and blessed opportunity to take a close look at the world's one of the most striking vehicles, the Rolls Royce 103EX, which is also called as Vision Next 100 Concept. It's an exceptional and experimental concept car designed and put into reality to preview not only future Rolls models but the future of automotive industry. It clearly shows us the possibilities before us. Such distinctive design will never be in mass production, but it apparently doesn't stop the company to put it in front of the cameras.

If you wonder how cars will look like in the future you should take a look at this special video and broad your imagination!