A Combo of Luxury and Military: Bentley Ultratank

Have you ever wondered about the reach of imagination? Where it can go and what it can bring to you?

As the imagination itself, the reach of it limitless, meaning that you a have a limitless power in your mind and it is waiting to be used. Considering that every invention and development that have ever be done is somehow a fruit of imagination, we can confidently say that nothing is impossible, using this gifted and free power. Even though imagination is gifted to every people, not all of us can use it effectively. Some of us use it to simply have fun while some others use for the sake of humanity and make some ground- breaking inventions. In today's super cool video with more than two million views, we're going to see something out into being with pure imagination. This is a tank at the first glance, but the longer you look at it the weirder it gets. Some crazy Russians take the concept of tank into another dimension and modified a Bentley Continental GT
into a premium tank with real tracks. This is the world's most luxurious tank Over the years, we have seen so many interesting designs, but very few of them were as crazy as this one. You may ask how in the world would someone think something like that and turn it into reality! ıt is strong and fast enough to hit 81 miles per hour. Well, we ask it, too, but there's apparently no answer for that! The video demonstrates us the testrun process of Bentley Continental GT before hits the road for the real speed run. It must be insanely impressive to see the Bentley Ultratank rocketing along at a quick pace.

Check the video to enhance your imagination with such an excellent creation and have fun!