The Auromadron: Something Between Cindirella's Carriage and Competition Altered

What kicks you in? What gives the inspiration you need? What is your source of energy to do useful things in the life?

For some, the answer for these questions is "money", for some it's "family", "fame", "power" while for some it is nothing but "happiness". Today's video shows us a man whose inspiration source is his own brilliant mind and with this brilliancy he built a breathtaking machine: a Steampunk hot rod! Nicknamed as the Automadron, this spectacular machine is a horse-drawn carriage inspired hot rod equipped amazingly with a 3.5L supercharged V8 engine that reaches an estimated top speed of up to 110mph.Beginning with a 1924 Singer Sport base, parts were added from a great variety of mind-blowing sources including a switch gear from a Lancaster Bomber and the front wheels of an Austin 7. It took four years to complete, but the outcome is worth of all of the efforts and money spent for it. Paul Bacon, the great mind behind this gorgeous hot rod says "Automatron is the best thing I've ever built; and I'll probably never build anything quite this detailed ever again. He also says that he wanted to build something between a Cinderella's carriage and a Competition Altered. Well, we can say that he did it!

Watch the video to feed your imagination with something put into being with pure imagination and have some quality time!