1957 Oldsmobile: Old Boy Takes the Restoration on a New Level!

What is your definition of "passion"? How do you describe it? What is a passion for you of what is your passion? T

he modern dictionaries defines this word as "an extreme interest in or wish for doing something" or as "very powerful feelings". If you check this website regularly then it's obvious that you have a passion for cars, maybe for of all kinds, maybe for hot rods or classics only. We can't know it, but what we know and do is to present you the coolest videos to feed your passion. In today's video, for example, we're checking out an old boy who takes his passion to a high level and does some crazy works. What he does is restoration, but this restoration is not like the ones we are used to see all the time. This cool old boy loves cars passionately and so do the people who see the cars that he restores. He has restored 31 automobiles so far and in the video, we're seeing the latest one: a 1957 Oldsmobile.

In the video, he tells us about the details of the restoration process and gives the technical information about the '57 Oldsmobile. If you want to see and hear then don't wait and check out the video! Fun guaranteed!